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Our expert MCS accredited teams are pleased to be able to offer the highest standard Installations, using only the most efficient photovoltaic systems

Get the most out of your solar panels with Battery Storage

By integrating battery storage for solar, you can truly utilise your solar panels’ full potential. Choose Contact Solar to install your battery storage system and capitalise on the energy you generate.

What are the benefits of investing in Battery Storage?

Battery storage for solar allows households and businesses to capture and store excess energy and with this comes a whole host of benefits including:

  • Minimised reliance on energy from the grid
  • Reduced electricity bills
  • Less affected by energy price hikes
  • Provides a reliable source of backup power

How does Battery Storage for solar work?

Battery storage for solar provides the perfect solution to collecting and storing surplus electricity that is generated from your solar panels. They allow you to use this excess energy later in the day, or you can sell it to the National Grid, thus enhancing your solar system and further increasing your savings.

At Contact Solar, we can install battery storage for solar at any point, even if you already have a solar PV system installed. Our variety of battery storage products ensure you’re getting the maximum return on your investment.

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