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solar installation procedure

Our Solar Panel Installation Procedure

To give you more of an insight on what to expect when installing your solar panels, here is our installation procedure. Please note, the exact installation process may vary depending on the solar system you order.

Meet our Solar Panel Installers

Unless you have arranged a specific time, our solar panel installers will arrive at your property on the morning of your chosen installation date. The installation team leader will introduce themselves to you and if you have any questions on the day, this will be the appropriate person to speak with.

solar panel installation guide, solar installation process

What is required from you?

The only requirement our solar panel installers will need from you is space. So long as there is enough space for the team to work safely, there isn’t anything else you will need to do. It is standard procedure for all employees at Contact Solar to work in a professional manner whilst at your property, and the installation team will try their very best to keep noise, disruption and mess down to an absolute minimum.

Time frames

Our solar panel installers will discuss with you the time frame in which they think the work will be completed. Please note, factors such as bad weather and stock issues may result in the installation not being completed in this time frame. If this is the case, the installation team will discuss this further with you and provide you with an update as to when the work will be completed.

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